April is International Guitar Month

Did you know that April is International Guitar Month? Guitars are among the most expressive and popular instruments in the world. Acoustic and electric versions are played everywhere in almost all genres of music. Guitars are as welcome at a big stadium as they are around a campfire.

One thing guitars do not like is humidity; dampness can make a guitar’s neck warp. Once that happens, the guitar is worthless. The best way to prevent your valuable guitar collection from getting damaged by the elements is to rent a storage unit from a local company that offers climate controlled spaces.

Fender, Gibson, Martin and Gretsch guitars are all susceptible to the destructive effects of humidity. Their necks can bow forward or backward beyond the range of the truss rod’s ability to fix the warp. Once they have a significant bow, the only solution is to replace the neck of the guitar. Renting a storage unit for your guitar(s) is far easier than replacing warped parts.

The best thing about a storage unit is that one size does not fit all. Small units are perfect for guitar storage, or larger units can be outfitted for garage band rehearsals or as a personal recording studio.

Regardless of how you’ll use the storage unit, you need to keep your guitar properly stored to avoid problems with humidity and temperature. Keep a silica bag in the case to attract excess moisture and store your guitar away from a direct source of heat or light. Sunlight can ruin a guitar’s finish in short order, so always store your guitar in its case and out of direct sunlight.

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