5 Tips for Preparing the Perfect Doomsday Storage Unit

Doomsday storage

Preparing for the end of times takes careful planning, meticulous organization and a whole lot of space. Leasing one or more storage units to hold your emergency supplies will keep your closets and pantries open at home. Consider the following self storage tips when planning for an apocalyptic event, such as a nuclear attack, civil war, meteor strike, alien takeover, pandemic or even a zombie attack.

1. Spring for a climate controlled unit. Medications and first-aid supplies should be kept dry and at room temperature. Canned food can also be affected by extreme temperatures. A climate controlled storage unit will keep your sensitive belongings safe and in good condition until you need them.

2.  Rent a unit close to your home. This allows you to keep a low profile and use less gasoline when traveling to and from the storage facility. In the event of an emergency, remove as much of your stockpile as possible. Looters will begin searching for supplies within a few days after a major catastrophe.

3.  Make sure you can access the unit after hours. An on-site manager may not be available to open the facility during a doomsday scenario. Search for a storage facility with 24-hour access.

4.  Verify that the facility regularly hires pest control specialists to spray for insects and set traps for any rodents. You don’t want your doomsday survival plans ruined by hungry varmints. Consider placing foil-wrapped and boxed foods inside of sturdy plastic containers to provide additional protection.

5. Request a printed list of acceptable and non-acceptable items for storage. You may be required to purchase a gun safe in order to store a firearm in the unit. Gasoline may need to be kept at your home. Follow basic self storage tips when packing your supplies.

Lastly, remember that storage units are ideal places to store emergency supplies, but the unit should not be used as a hideout during a catastrophe.

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