5 Tips for Deck Remodel

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Tired of looking out on your old wooden deck and only seeing the potential for a great space instead of actually seeing a great space? Is your outdoor area feeling too cramped to enjoy? The summer weather is a great time to complete a deck remodel! Getting started is half the battle, but these tips from Find Local Storage will help you get the deck of your dreams.

Assess Your Deck and Your Dreams

Your deck may not need a full remodel, but just a little bit of maintenance or new accents to have it looking like new again. Consider whether you just need a little update, a new addition or a full remodel. Knowing what your deck needs – and what you want – will help you determine the scope of the job, and whether you need to hire a professional.

Make Your Deck Remodel Plan

After assessing the needs of your deck and your wants, it’s time to start making your deck remodel plans. How will this space be used? What is your budget for the project? Do you want multiple levels or plan to install flower beds? If you’re just giving the deck a refresh, you’ll need to gather all the necessary tools and supplies, and figure out a time that works best for your schedule. Mid to late summer is a great time to inspect and repair your deck – when the weather is warm and dry.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

The degree of the remodel work will determine the need to hire a professional. If you’re a person who enjoys the satisfaction of working on your own home – and like to save a little cash – fixing up your own deck is a viable option. Don’t take on a bigger job than you can handle, though. Hiring a professional can save you headaches in the future and ensure that your deck remodel is done correctly. It can also save you time, since a professional will know the most efficient way to complete the work.

Prepare for the Deck Remodel….Mentally and Physically

Deck remodels can take time, and you need to be prepared for that both mentally and physically. Where will you put all your deck furniture while the remodel is taking place? If you don’t have space in your home or household storage spaces, you’ll need to find a secure spot to store your deck furniture and grill. Get ready for your deck remodel by removing any furniture that’ll be in the way, and move it to a nearby storage unit for the interim. Also, be aware that this is a big time commitment. Hiring a professional can cut down on the time that you’ll have to commit to the project. A professional can also give you a projected timeline, and if any problems arise, they’ll be able to use their expertise to keep the project on track.

Remember Regular Maintenance

Test your deck a few times a year to find out whether it’s time to reapply the sealant or waterproofing treatment. Just sprinkle a little water on your deck and watch to see if it quickly seeps in. If it does, it’s time to reseal. Clean your deck with a wood cleaner to remove most dirt and stains; use a degreaser or stain remover for larger buildup. Let the deck dry for about a day before adding the new sealant. Plan for applying the sealant during dry weather. Maintain your deck by performing regular cleaning.

Once you’ve created the deck of your dreams or have given your deck some much needed care, it’s time to get your deck furniture back out of storage and set up for outdoor enjoyment. Getting furniture out of the way during home remodels can keep your day-to-day life clutter-free. To find a storage unit near your home for all your remodeling needs, use FindLocalStorage.com.

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