Types of Vehicle Storage

Lifted black truck on big tires

When you think about vehicle storage, you probably picture a car stashed between moves or a boat that winters indoors. If you could borrow Superman’s X-ray vision and take a peek behind closed doors, you’d be surprised at the variety of wheels that stay safe and protected at self-storage facilities across the country.

Working Tractors and Monster Trucks

While RV storage might seem like a parking challenge, imagine filling up a unit with massive machine power. You don’t have to be a farmer to appreciate the rugged good looks of a John Deere, but heavy equipment doesn’t turn on a dime. Drive-up storage solves the problem and offers landscaping companies affordable options for seasonal parking. Those towering wheels that tear up monster truck circuits don’t fit in the garage back home, so proud owners often rest their prized beasts at secure self storage facilities.

Vintage Vehicles and Cool Classics

Not every classic car dates back to Henry Ford’s original assembly line, but some of today’s most valuable wheels date from the 1950s and 1960s. Vintage vehicles hold their own in museums, but many collectors park private stock in self-storage units. The next time you see a 1956 Thunderbird cruising the street, it might be headed back to its safe home away from home at a storage facility. Street rods and muscle cars steal the show at rallies across the country, and smart road warriors protect their valuable horsepower in climate-controlled storage units.

Expensive Sports and Tricked-Out RVs

Certain vehicles may not belong on the road year round, but that doesn’t stop them from turning heads when they sail down the highway. When you win the lottery, will your plans include burning rubber to the nearest Ferrari dealership? Enjoy the envy of fellow drivers as you go roaring by, but save the mileage on that 458 Spider, and treat it to the secure vehicle storage it deserves. Did you just pass an RV with pontoons attached to its chassis and a barbecue grill built into the rear bumper? It’s a safe bet that customized cruiser stays snug all winter at a self storage facility.

You might not be ready for a Ferrari just yet, but affordable car and RV storage solutions are always just down the road. Your storage facility’s management probably can’t help with X-ray vision, but they always offer high-tech security and drive-up units that keep your vehicle safe regardless of its pedigree. To find affordable vehicle storage in your city, use FindLocalStorage.com.

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