How to Protect Your Self Storage Unit

lock on self storage unit

No matter what you are keeping in your self storage unit, or how long you are planning on keeping it there, you want to feel that your belongings are safe. That is why it is so important to make sure good security measures are in place at your chosen storage facility. This will help you better protect your self storage unit and have peace of mind during your storage experience. When selecting a facility look for most or all of these important features:

Fences or Walls
There should be a sturdy fence or wall around the entire property where you rent your self storage unit. This serves to deter potential thieves and slows down anyone who might be thinking about breaking in long enough for their presence to be noticed.

Cameras should be placed at the front gate and at regular intervals around the property. This allows managers and other staff to see who is accessing units and when, and to monitor any suspicious activity.

Security Guard or Round the Clock Staff
Find out if the self storage facility you’re renting from has a security guard or a round the clock staff member. Having people who routinely do a complete walk-through of the property discourages theft and ensures that someone has an eye on each unit throughout the day and night.

Good Lighting
Bright lighting in all areas of the facility is important for your safety as well as that of your belongings. Indoor and outdoor lights ensure that security staff and cameras can easily see everyone who accesses the property as well.

Controlled Access
The gate to the storage facility should be accessible only through a unique access code or special key that you’re given when you rent. Both measures help to ensure that only you can get to the items in your unit.

Strong Locks
You’re usually responsible for purchasing a lock for your storage unit. Look for something that can’t be cut with standard metal or bolt cutters. Disc and cylinder locks are both good choices. You can also check with the manager to see if the facility offers any lock options to improve security.

Storage Insurance
Having the option to purchase storage insurance is a good idea. Many facilities offer their own insurance plans or can provide you coverage through a reputable partner organization. Having the additional coverage is important for higher priced items that cannot be replaced in the event of an accident.

Storage Considerations
Always keep your most valuable possessions safe by storing them near the back of your unit. Keep the less important items near the front. In the very unlikely event that someone does enter your storage unit, they will generally take what is most easily reachable.

When you choose safe self storage that utilizes these and other security measures, you can rest assured that your belongings will be protected. Peace of mind is important when it comes to your valuables, and you can rely on secure self storage to keep everything safe until you need it.