Advice for First Time Self Storage Renters

Renters outside a storage unit

Trying to find the absolute best priced and highest quality self storage facility can be a little daunting for first time self storage renters. However, this process doesn’t have to be super stressful. By following a few crucial guidelines, new renters will find peace of mind regarding both the cost of their storage unit and the security of their belongings. Here are some excellent self storage tips for first-time renters:

1. Choose a Convenient Location
Select a storage facility that is in close proximity to your home or job. This makes it much easier to access to your self storage unit whenever you need. No one wants to drive a long way out to get to their belongings. Use Find Local Storage’s comprehensive tool to find self storage companies in your immediate area.

2. Know the Availability of Service
Make sure that your chosen storage facility has hours that work with your work or school schedule. You want the company to be open when you are most likely to visit your storage unit. Many facilities offer extended hours or even round the clock access for customer convenience.

3. Carefully Study the Contract and Other Obligations
Before signing a storage rental agreement, diligently evaluate the company’s contract. This will ensure that there are no surprises regarding the company’s policies. Carefully look over include the facility’s rules on termination of contract, failure to pay, and other unforeseen circumstances, as each company will have different procedures.

4. Evaluate Personal Property
Before choosing a unit, take an inventory of your possessions. This will help you select an appropriately sized self storage unit for your belongings. Too much or too little space will be either a waste of money or a serious inconvenience, neither of which will make for an ideal storage experience. FLS’s storage guide can help you estimate your square footage needs, as can the professionally trained storage staff at your prospective facility.

5. Make Security and Safety a Priority
It is extremely important that your storage company has up to date security features. When you are evaluating your choices, look for a facility with 24 hour surveillance (either video footage or a round the clock employee), high fences, good lighting, controlled access, and unit locks or alarms. You want to feel extremely comfortable leaving your belongings there, knowing that they are as safe as or safer than at home.

Finally, it is necessary for renters to shop around. Explore minimum of several facilities in order to secure the highest quality, most cost-effective unit possible. Use FLS to evaluate the pros and cons of a variety of storage companies. Armed with this service and the information above, renters can make remarkably informed and financially-sound decisions.

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