Space Saving Tips for a Small Kitchen

small kitchen

Small homes offer many advantages. For instance, they take less time to clean and require you to keep your possessions to a minimum. However, small kitchens are also typically a feature of small homes, and they come with many challenges. Fortunately, a few self storage tips can help you function effectively in a small kitchen.

Self Storage Can Help

Self storage tips include reviewing the appliances that you have on your countertops and stored in your kitchen cabinets to determine what you really need. If you have valuable items that you use once or twice a year, consider stowing them in a storage unit until you need them. If you’ve received new kitchen gear as a gift, but don’t want to throw out your gently used kitchen gear, storing your older belongings in a storage unit can be a convenient way to get old stuff out of the way until you decide what to do with it.


Assess your kitchen’s layout to organize it based on use. For instance, store your cooking items near the stove. If you have the cabinet space, then keep your plates, glasses and eating utensils in the same area. Use a different cabinet for your food. When cabinet space is limited, increase it with dividing trays and a Lazy Susan. Extra shelves will help you keep your cabinets organized.

Elevate Your Storage

Install hanging racks for your pots and pans. Also, add hooks on your kitchen walls to hang large kitchen utensils. A bulletin board is a good addition to a small kitchen because it gives you a spot for important papers and coupons. You can also mount a knife rack, which will let you get rid of a space hogging knife block.

Focus on Function

In a small kitchen, function is more important than style, so be sure to keep your workspace free of clutter. Purchase a kitchen cart or two. You can roll them into the kitchen when you need a little extra counter space. Look for forgotten areas in your kitchen such as corners, the sides of cabinets and faux drawers. Make these areas useful by installing custom storage pieces or handy appliances.

If you suffer from a small kitchen, using a storage unit to create more space can be the key! Follow our helpful storage tips and rent a storage unit to make the most out of your space. Use to find a convenient storage facility near you.

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