Share Your Memories by Creating the Perfect Time Capsule

time capsule

Do you ever walk into your attic, basement, or storage unit, and admire all the small trinkets and treasures you own? They’re little pieces of your life that are important enough to keep, but maybe don’t have a place for display in your home. Creating a time capsule to collect these little memories could leave an impact on the life ahead of you – or the lives of descendants. Find Local Storage wants to help you create the perfect time capsule to be cherished for years to come.

Travel Through Time

First, choose your audience. Will this time capsule be for your future children or grandchildren? Will it be left with your company for future employees to stumble upon? Or will you leave it for strangers to one day discover?

After finding an audience, you can target how far in advance your time capsule might be opened. Now that you’ve tackled the “who,” it’s time to take on the “where” and “how.”

Where you hide your time capsule should line up with who you’ve chosen to receive it. If it’s your grandchildren, maybe the time capsule could be given to your children so they can store it in their basement, attic, or storage unit.

Trinkets & Treasures

One thing that every time capsule should contain is a letter. This letter can be as clear and concise, or mysterious and ambiguous as you desire. It should include some sort of background on what the time capsule is for, and most importantly, a date.

Beyond that, time capsules are left up to the creativity and imagination of the maker. Some popular items placed in time capsules include:

  • Newspapers or magazines
  • Photos
  • Some sort of media with music on it (CD, flash drive, etc)
  • Recipes
  • Books
  • Tips or advice
  • Candy
  • A small family antique

All Intact

Be sure to seal your time capsule securely. Keep the memories in and the elements out. If you know you will be hanging onto it for a while before stashing it in a secret place, it’s a good idea to keep it secure in a climate controlled storage unit. Someday, all those untouched items will be intriguing treasures in the hands of someone else.

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