Are Self Storage Bands the New Garage Bands?

Band in self storage unit

Although the most common uses for self storage include things like storing extra items that won’t fit in the home or storing things while traveling overseas, some people get pretty creative with their units. One surprising new trend is the use of self storage units for band practice. For years bands have been practicing in garages, but today many musicians are learning that storage units are actually a lot more preferable. These so called “self storage bands” are becoming more and more popular. Here are some of advantages self storage units offer performers:

Self Storage Units are Affordable      
Many new or unsigned bands are on tight budgets, but storage units are easy to rent and very affordable. Also, since many facilities offer flexible month to month rentals, music groups don’t have to pay for time they don’t need while away on tour or on hiatus.

Isolation Cuts Down on Noise Complaints
One major problem for many bands is dealing with noise complaints. For those who live in residential neighborhoods or apartments, the risk of upsetting parents, the neighbors or the landlord is very high. Fortunately, storage units are isolated and are generally relatively far from houses, so bands can rock out without worrying about getting evicted.

Units are Climate-Controlled
The average garage gets stifling hot in the summer and very chilly during the winter months. Climate-controlled storage units, however, provide a comfortable place to hang out and practice regardless of the time of year.

Music Sounds Good in Storage Units
Since storage units are larger, empty spaces, they can provide excellent acoustics for the average band or choir. Not only does music sound great in most storage units, but there are generally plenty of electrical outlets around for amplifiers and other musical equipment.

Storage is Built-In
Finding places around the house to safely stash guitars, amplifiers, drum sets and more can be challenging. With a storage unit, however, band members don’t have to worry about cramming their equipment. Instead, they can simply push their equipment to the side or leave it in place when rehearsal is over. Along with allowing them to save the extra space in their homes or apartments, storage units also offer sufficient security to help prevent expensive equipment from being stolen or damaged. For more information on instrument  storage click here.