You Saved the Date, Now Save the Dress

wedding dress on hanger laying on bed

Your wedding dress may be the most expensive article of clothing that you own. It’s also a symbol of an important event in your life, and for many, it’s a family heirloom that will be passed down from one generation to the next. After the ceremony, keeping your gown safely stored becomes a top priority. However, wedding dresses require some special treatment in order to maintain their beautiful appearance.

The key to wedding dress storage is to protect the gown from light, moisture and pests. Over time, light can damage the fabric, making it brittle. It will also cause the white fabric to turn yellow. Similarly, any moisture can cause mildew, which will damage the fabric and create an impossible to remove odor. Moths, mice and other vermin can all chew through the fabric of a dress in storage, making it especially important to store the gown correctly.

For successful wedding dress storage, begin by folding the gown carefully to avoid creases. Place it in a box lined with acid-free tissue. You don’t want to use plastic for long-term dress storage as chemicals can leech out of the plastic and ruin the dress’s color or give off an unpleasant scent. Once the dress has been wrapped, seal the box fully to prevent air, moisture and pests from entering.

Some people choose to keep their dresses in a home closet, but this is not always the best choice. A large gown takes up a lot of space, and you run the risk of losing this priceless treasure to fire, flood, theft or other risks at your home. It’s much safer to keep your dress in a climate controlled storage unit. Here, your dress will be safely out of the way, and the climate controlled storage will protect the dress from weather and temperature fluctuations that may damage it. Find a climate controlled storage near your home with

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