Save Space by Storing Your Seasonal Clothing

clothes in wardrobe box

When the seasons change, your wardrobe may do a 180-degree turn. Instead of pushing seasonal clothes to the back of your closets or dressers, free up space by transferring your winter or summer clothing into a climate controlled seasonal storage unit.

Packing Clothes to Keep them in Great Condition

Plastic storage tubs with lids make the perfect clothing storage units because they’re stackable, saving you space and time. Consider clear units so that you can see the contents of each tub, or neatly mark each bin with the contents and owner’s name.

Begin the packing process by washing everything that you plan to store. Make sure to neatly fold every piece of clothing to avoid wrinkles, and do not overfill the bins. Place a freshening satchel on top of the clothing before securing the lid. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh, no matter how long the bins remain in your seasonal storage unit.

Transferring Clothing into a Storage Unit

Once your clothing storage containers are fully packed and properly labeled, it’s time to transfer them to your seasonal storage unit. Choose a storage unit that’s the right size for your needs, and place a few pallets on the floor of the unit if you want to keep your bins off of the ground.

To ensure a hassle-free retrieval, avoid stacking your bins more than five feet high. Organize the bins as you place them in your storage unit by clothing type or family member. It may be months before you switch out your seasonal clothing, and keeping the stacks organized ensures that you can find everything easily once the seasons change again.

To find a storage facility near you, use Start saving space in your closet today by renting a self storage unit for your seasonal clothing storage.


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