Running a Business from a Self Storage Unit

business man in front of storage unit

Starting up a small business can be costly, especially if you require office or warehouse space. One popular alternative is renting a self storage unit to use as a business location. Unlike commercial rental properties, business storage units are inexpensive and require no commitment to a lease. With lower monthly costs and the potential for expansion, using self storage to house a business is a smart alternative.

Running a business from a storage unit offers a great deal of flexibility. What begins as a “bare bones” location can be turned into anything from office space to a repair shop. Companies that run their businesses from a commercial location can utilize storage units as showrooms for their products.

Use self storage units for regular business storage as well! With many sizes available, these facilities can be rented on an as-needed basis to hold excess inventory. Since there’s no lease to deal with, there’s no penalty for canceling early, or switching from a large unit to a small one if necessary.

Before renting self storage, find out if the facility is amenable to companies running their operations from its units. Also, determine whether you’ll be storing sensitive equipment that requires climate control. Security is another benefit and feature to consider when shopping for a storage facility. Many self storage facilities have extra features such as 24-hour surveillance and gates that require authorized entry. The self storage companies that do welcome businesses may also allow businesses to accept deliveries on the premises or actually handle the deliveries themselves, a service that doesn’t come with most commercial property rentals.

With all of these benefits, a self storage unit can be a great place to run a business. Use to find the ideal storage unit for your business storage.

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