Resolution: Get Organized!

New Years resolution list

Some people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, change their attitudes and stop bad habits. However, just getting your home organized and free of clutter can make all the difference in how you feel this New Year. With self storage, you can de-clutter and organize your home for a new start to the year.

Organizing Your Household with Self Storage

The first rule of thumb to de-cluttering and organizing your house is to get rid of what you don’t use or need. It’s hard to throw out things you’ve collected over the years; however, you don’t always have to throw away things that take up space. A self storage unit provides a place to store those belongings and free up space in your home.

Tips for De-cluttering Your Home

Devote more than one day to de-clutter your home. Trying to organize your entire house in one day can seem overwhelming and set you up to fail. Instead, dedicate each day of the week for one specific room. For example, organize the living room on Monday, the master bedroom on Tuesday, the bathroom on Wednesday and so on.

Pick certain parts of the room to tackle first, and give yourself a certain amount of time to finish organizing the area. Place all the items you don’t use or need to the side, and pack everything you want to keep in boxes. Mark each box according to its contents; you’ll keep these boxes in your self-storage unit.

Get Organized in the New Year

Don’t make the same mistakes other people make with their New Year’s resolutions. Though it takes time to organize an entire household, you don’t have to finish it in a day. However, you’ll want to stick with your resolution and finish the job within a week or two. With a self-storage unit, you have a place to store old clutter and create additional space in your home. can help you find a storage unit to suit your needs today!

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