Are You Ready for National Hobby Month?

January is National Hobby Month. That’s right — the entire month. Not just a day, or even a week. It makes perfect sense, considering the way hobbies just keep on getting bigger until they use up all the available time — and space.

If your quilting supplies have eaten the guest room, or the parts for that car you’re restoring force you to park on the street, you need hobby storage therapy. You could add a new wing on the house. Maybe the toddler could move out and get her own apartment. Or maybe you could do the sensible thing and look into getting a self storage unit. These secure units aren’t just for keeping old furniture. They’re a great solution for any hobby storage problem.

Car restoration
Heavy duty shelves keep hard-to-find parts organized and out of the way. Bulky tools can be put on dollies and wheeled back to the garage when you’re ready to use them.

Quilting and sewing
Bolts of fabrics and rolls of trim will stay fresh and clean in plastic storage boxes. Keep seasonal projects organized in their own containers. When the time comes, simply take the box home and pick up where you left off.

Camping and outdoor sports
Tents, sleeping bags and other necessities are likely to spend the winter crammed in the attic. A storage unit keeps bulky and expensive equipment safe until next camping season.

The whole point of a hobby is to relax. Moving some of your projects or supplies to off-site storage lets you reclaim valuable living space. You get to keep your materials organized and ready to use. Besides, no one is going to rent an apartment to a toddler. So relax, and enjoy National Hobby Month. In fact, treat it like a hobby. Let it expand to fill the entire year. can help you find the perfect space for your much loved hobby. Use our helpful directory to find a convenient and affordable storage unit near you!

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