Office Organization: Keeping Your Desk Clear

messy office desk

Keeping your trusty office desk free from clutter can sometimes seem like a difficult task. By following these five simple tips, you can keep your workspace organized and be more productive.

1. Use a Filing Cabinet

If you’re constantly shuffling papers from one corner of your desk to the other, consider storing your old documents in a filing cabinet. You can organize your files easily while also keeping your work area clean. You might even move very old files into an office storage unit. Manila folders can break up large document chunks so that important papers are easier to track down.

2. Throw Away Food Refuse

One of the biggest problems for most people is having unnecessary garbage scattered around the desk. If you like to munch on snacks while working, you’ve likely experienced the familiar accumulation of plastic wrappers and soda cans. Removing all trash from your desk at least once each day will be highly effective.

3. Rent a Self Storage Unit

Document storage can be taken to the next level with a quality self storage unit. Self-employed individuals will be especially pleased with the options available to them. Smaller units offer plenty of room for work-related documents. Reputable storage facilities are equipped with security features, which will make them inaccessible to the wrong parties.

4. Get Rid of Antiquated Office Equipment

You might also find your desk plagued by machinery from a bygone age. Electric pencil sharpeners, printers and other contraptions can be placed in storage until they are either sold or given away. If you’ve recently been blessed with a slick new laptop, your old desktop computer can be stowed away as a backup option.

5. Accessorize Carefully

Finally, keep a close eye on your accessory items. Pens, pencils, staples and erasers can slowly bleed into your work area through time. By keeping a few choice utensils in a cup on your desk, you can place the rest in document storage for the time being. can help you find the perfect storage unit to keep your office organized. Search the directory for a storage unit that fits your needs and start getting your desk organized today!

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