Tips to Moving Across the Country

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Relocating across the country means packing up your life and delivering it to a new address. It’s exciting, but it can seem overwhelming. To make the most of it, you have to get organized, focus on details and stay flexible. A handy storage unit makes it easier to prep for the move, and you can up the convenience factor by having one delivered right to your driveway.

Create Order Out of Chaos

Step back, take a good look, and get organized with lists. Record everything in one notebook so you can check off chores or target important dates at a glance. Think of the move as an opportunity to finally clean house by separating what you want and need from accumulated clutter. Convenient portable self storage offers an ideal spot for sorting and organizing because it’s right outside the front door. If you change your mind about retiring the old recliner, you don’t have to drive a rental truck back and forth to the local self storage facility.

Kick the Devil Out of Details

As you move boxes into portable self storage, get creative with colored pens coded to a labeling system. This bright strategy makes it easier to group similar things like kids’ toys or pots and pans. Collect personal records into one safe folder, and you won’t have to scramble to find vehicle registrations or insurance policies. Dedicate a section in your notebook to deadlines for turning off utilities, tending to address changes and canceling subscriptions. Many of these services offer online options, but don’t wait until the last minute.

Stay Flexible With Self Storage

Schedules are subject to change, decisions aren’t always final, and last-minute considerations pop up. Save your sanity by staying flexible with a storage unit in the driveway. Pack at your own pace, inventory as you work, and retrieve anything on the fly. A portable unit lets you rent just what you need, and the company handles moving it. You can have it taken back to the local facility or sent on ahead to your new address. Storage versatility and adjustable options help you stay light on your moving feet.

Think of your move across the country as an adventure. Get an early start on packing, update your checklist, but always make time to relax. Keep portable self storage in your toolbox of moving tricks and a watchful eye on the calendar. The relocation will be finished before you know it, and that new address will finally become home.

Find Local Storage can help you find not just portable self storage, but other forms of temporary and permanent self storage all over the country. Let us help you make the move that much easier!

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