Essential Tips for Summer-Time Moving

Summer is the most active moving season of the year, which usually results in a much higher demand for moving, packing, and self-storage services. Since it’s also the hottest time of year, having a good plan is crucial.

Preparation is Key

With moving companies experiencing peak demand during Summer, it’s never too early to start scheduling moving services. Weekends, Summer holidays and the first and last week of the of month are typically the busiest, so there tends to be less availability around these times. Planning to start early in the morning before it gets too hot is recommended, especially for moving heavy furniture pieces.

Self-storage facilities also experience a wave of demand around this time. So it’s important to check the rental rates and availability near you with to ensure that you get the best deal around.

To make sure your home is nice and cool during the moving process, don’t forget to call your local utility companies at least two weeks in advance. Inform them of your move-in date and request that all your utilities be scheduled to turn on at least two days prior to move-in. While making your preparations, you can’t go wrong with an old fashioned list of reminders – your organization will pay off!

Stay Safe

When moving day finally arrives, plan to dress accordingly:

  • Wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing and avoid darker, heat-absorbing colors.
  • Choose a brimmed hat to protect yourself from the harsh rays.
  • Don’t underestimate eye protection- Wear UVA/UVB protective sunglasses.
  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin and remember to reapply throughout the day, because you’ll likely be sweating!

The heat poses multiple health risks that must not be overlooked. It’s critical to start the day fully hydrated and to re-hydrate throughout the day, BEFORE you start to feel thirsty. Drinks that contain caffeine or sugar (such as energy drinks and coffee) can contribute to dehydration, so always opt for water. We suggest freezing a few water bottles the night before and having plenty on-hand during the move. Offering cold water (and lunch) to your movers is a kind gesture of appreciation that goes a long way in saying “Thanks!”

Throughout the day, be prepared for a slow but steady pace as family members, friends and movers take breaks to hydrate and cool off. Always stay vigilant for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Don’t forget that pets are also prone to dehydration. Make sure everyone is kept cool from the elements.

Keep Cool

It’s best to plan on keeping heat-sensitive things out of moving trucks, hot cars and the outdoors. The following items can be vulnerable to heat:

Candles, chapstick/cosmetics, and art supplies are especially prone to melting. Aerosols and combustible items can be extremely hazardous if heated so always carry them with you instead. When moving leather furniture in warmer weather, keep in mind that it is known to “sweat” when it’s wrapped up in plastic. We like to recommend wrapping your leather pieces with padded cloth. CD’s, videos and cassette tapes and other sensitive electronics should also be kept out of the heat. Many foods such as frozen chicken, eggs, and dairy products can spoil if exposed to heat, so it’s best not to chance it! Lastly, moving tape and packing labels, if stored improperly or exposed to heat/humidity, can lose stickiness. Quality counts when it comes to the moving supplies you choose.

Moving during the Summer is easy when there’s a solid plan! The hot weather makes an ice-cold glass of water taste that much better and it will feel so satisfying to sit down in your new place after a productive day of hard work. Enjoy your new home!

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