Self Storage for the Newly Retired

retired couple

When their careers have officially wound down, many retirees want to downsize, but have no idea what to do with a large houseful of belongings. Maintaining an oversized household – including high utility bills, lots of unused rooms, and substantial maintenance demands – can quickly diminish your savings without much return.

Downsize your large home while using self storage for keepsakes and furniture that still have memories attached. This provides retirees the ability to spend accumulated savings on hobbies or travel without having to dispose of possessions collected over the years. Self storage is not only economical, but makes sense for the retiree who doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to care for a large home any longer.

For retirees who are moving on to a foreign country, self storage is a cost-effective insurance policy if they decide living abroad isn’t for them. It can also save thousands in relocation expenses. Valuable belongings can be securely stored long term rather than schlepping them across countries. Storing valuables in a clean and safe location with a climate controlled environment protects them from theft, damage, and deterioration.

Storing belongings is an efficient way for new retirees to save money and make downsizing from a longtime family home easier. Other items that can go into a retirement storage unit are things that are rarely used but would be expensive or difficult to replace; seasonal sports equipment or decorations, and collectibles that simply won’t fit in a smaller home.

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