Where Should You Really Live?

Map of the United States

Are you a little bored with your current residence? Are you thinking about moving? Well, a fascinating new study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology might be able to help you find the perfect place. This piece of work documents the distinct personality of each of the fifty states.

Time.com posted an interesting article about this study. In it, readers are given the opportunity to take a 10-question test to determine which state best fits their individual temperament.

Extroverted people will find plenty of fellow extroverts in Wisconsin, as the state ranked first in that category of the study. Introverts would likely feel most at home in Vermont. Those who want to live among relaxed people should head to Utah, while those who like to be around open-minded folks should consider the District of Columbia.

Interestingly, the Northeast states tended to be temperamental but uninhibited. Other states such as Florida, Michigan, and Colorado were found to be friendly and conventional. Western states, like California, were reported to be filled with laid back and creative people.

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