Empty Nest? Self Storage is the Answer

Retired couple looking at empty room

Are you struggling with the void left by a child who has permanently moved out? Instead of free space, you’re suddenly confronted with old clothes, toys, video games and boxes of stuff you’d rather not investigate. Here are a few top tips for managing.

Don’t Make it Worse

While you have plenty of options for handling abandoned belongings, trying to fill the empty space with junk is arguably the worst. Adding to the current mess by throwing additional boxes in the room only makes your home feel emptier. Also remember that if the vacant room wasn’t organized like a storage unit, it will become extremely difficult to navigate.

Self storage has a number of clear advantages. Chief among these is the fact that you can finally use the space you paid so much mortgage money for. Of course, it’s also nice that your kids will have a place to sleep when they come visit.

Don’t Throw it Out

We’ve all heard stories about parents who threw out comic books that would later be worth millions. While your kid may not have many mint-condition collector’s items, their belongings still have sentimental value. As an alternative to throwing these items out, boxing them up and placing everything into a storage unit makes it easier for your kids to decide what they want to do with their belongings.

Making Moving Easier

Finally, many parents use self storage just long enough to give their children time to complete their moves, and it’s a great way to preserve items that may become hand-me-downs in the future. Whether those toys, clothes and games are ultimately destined for a yard sale, a charity drive or a hallowed place of remembrance in your child’s new home, self storage is the ultimate stopping place during transition.

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