Media Storage: Protecting Precious Memories

old photographs

Smartphones with digital cameras and onboard media storage have changed how people capture and store their photos and videos. It seems as if the days of taking a snapshot with a Polaroid camera and waiting for the picture to develop have long since passed. However, those treasured photo albums and old videotapes tucked away in your closets still require proper storage to keep them in pristine condition long into the future.

Dedicated Media Storage for Photos and Videos

Accidents happen every day, such as basement flooding and home lightning strikes. These destructive elements not only damage your home’s structure but also the contents inside. Cherished belongings, such as photo albums and video collections, are sensitive to water, light and heat. They require a dedicated, protective storage space to ensure their longevity and to give you the chance to pass them along to your family’s future generations.

Protect Your Media with Self Storage

A self storage unit provides an exclusive video and photo storage space for your media. When choosing self storage, opt for a climate controlled space to protect your photos and videos from temperature-related damage. With climate control, you don’t have to worry about heat or humidity causing your photos to curl or stick together. In addition, they’re never exposed to harsh lighting, which fades photographs over time.

Pack your photo albums in marked boxes, and organize them in the storage unit. You can also install shelving in the unit to create even more space for your photo and video collection. By choosing self storage, you clear away old photo storage space at home and make room for other belongings in the New Year. Find a storage facility to fit your needs with

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