Inside Self Storage Expo

Inside Self Storage Expo

The world of self storage is always growing and expanding. Inside Self Storage Expo is held each year to bring together the big names in the industry to share new innovations, ideas, products and services pertaining to storage. This year, the 2014 Inside Self Storage World Expo takes place from March 31 to April 2 at the Paris Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas.

This storage extravaganza is attended by more than 125 exhibitors from around the world and includes several all-new features, including workshops and showcases for storage developers, seminars on business practices and introductions to software systems for storage facilities. Vendors and suppliers pay up to $2,500 just for the chance to attend and share knowledge, experiences, products and services that can be passed down as features and benefits to self storage customers.

The Inside Self Storage Expo is one of the best venues for releasing new products that are pertinent to storage centers, and one of the top categories is storage security. Twelve leading security companies are scheduled to attend the 2014 event, and they will be introducing new security gates, keyless entry systems, security software and 24-hour monitoring systems that are designed to protect customer’s items with state-of-the-art technology.

Management training is also available for storage center owners and employees. This training is conducted at the event and afterwards through paid programs that teach managers how to treat customers fairly and provide them with quality service from the time of lease signing through the end of the businesses relationship. Some of the educational classes being held in 2014 include the following:

•           Creative design techniques

•           Making old facilities look new again

•           Leasing workspace in addition to storage space

•           Solar storage facilities

•           Providing top customer service

•           Best practices in maintenance

Inside Self Storage Expo is sure to enhance the storage industry, and the ultimate benefactors are the customers.

Look for Find Local Storage at the ISS Expo next week!


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