How to Keep Your Artwork in its Best Condition in Self Storage

art on easel

Summertime means plenty of art festivals and shows to find the perfect piece to add to your home. But sometimes it may take a little longer or some switching around to find the perfect place for your brand new work of art.

Whether you need to find a place for the art you took off your wall, or the new art that is patiently waiting for its time, proper storage is essential. There is nothing worse than ruining a valuable piece of art because of a small storing mistake. Find Local Storage wants to help you keep your art in its best condition by offering these art storage tips.

Wrap It Up

Before moving your art to a different location, a good first step is to protect it from scratches, bumps and tears. Although bubble wrap might seem like it provides the cushion you’ll need for your precious work, it may do more damage than good. Plastics, such as bubble wrap restrict air circulation and can trap moisture, which can be lethal for artwork. An alternative is to use a cotton fabric, tissue paper, or other breathable material.

Location is Key

Before you place your items in the garage, attic or basement, think again. These places have potential for dramatic temperature change, which can harm your art. Not only that, but humidity can cause water damage and morph your items. If you walk into a room and it feels humid, your painting will feel it too. Keep all of your items away from vents, doors, windows and fans. Your art environment should maintain a constant temperature without drafts or drastic change. Climate controlled storage will protect and ensure the condition of your art, without concern.

Another important tip is to keep all of your items off the ground. If you do not have access to storage shelves, it’s easy to DIY some wooden slats. Elevating your art will produce more air circulation and provide protection against anything that may spill or leak on the ground.

Say “No” to Stacking

Stacking can be detrimental to the condition of your art. If you must stack vertically, be sure to place cardboard or some other breathable material in between. The largest work of art should be leaning against the wall with the smaller ones following. Keep in mind that artwork should not be stored until it is completely done curing. The timeline for this varies depending on the materials used.

If you decide to roll some of your art, keep the paint-side outwards in order to prevent creasing or cracking the design.

Unbeatable Protection

When it comes to art, the protection provided by climate controlled self storage can’t be beat. Not only will self storage provide protection for your art, but also a dry, dark and stable temperature environment. So next time you pick up a savvy canvas, classic painting, or abstract charcoal piece, find the nearest climate controlled self storage facility with the help of Find Local Storage.

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