How to Get Your Friends to Help You Move

friends helping with packing boxes

Most people have moved at least once in their life, and know how much of a pain it can be if you don’t have sufficient help. In the circumstances of moving, “the more the merrier” is a very applicable phrase. The more people you have, the quicker things will go and the faster you can get settled in to your new place. Find Local Storage wants to make things a little easier for you with these tips on how to recruit the help of your friends.

Show Some Appreciation

It’s important to understand that helping you move is probably not at the top of your friend’s list of desires. If they’re taking time out of their day, they are putting you before their own plans. Show some appreciation, and don’t take them for granted.

Have a Plan at Hand

Plan which day you are going to make the big move and tell your friends ahead of time. Give them plenty of notice so they are able to move their plans around if they need to. On the day of, be organized so they aren’t standing around waiting for you to get things together. Boxes should be packed, and furniture should be prepared for moving; drawers should be emptied and removed or taped shut, furniture should be covered to prevent any tears or scratches during movement.  Having a clear game-plan you can share with your team of helpers will minimize frustrations on moving day.

A Little Bribe Never Hurt Anyone

Clearly communicate what your friends will get out of helping you. Maybe they’re going to be in need of the same help and you can volunteer your services. In most circumstances though, food does the trick. Providing your loyal workers with a thank you in the form of dinner will have them walking away with a smile on their face.

In fact, if you show your friends just how much you appreciate their efforts, helping you move won’t seem like a burden to them at all.

Remember that while your friends take care of the manual labor, self storage can take the weight of finding a place for everything off of your shoulders. Let self storage join your team by making the move easier, no matter where you’re located.

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