Getting Your Stored Motorcycle Road Ready

motorcycle rider on road

It seemed like it would never happen, but the warm weather is here to stay. If you own a motorcycle, now’s the time to get it ready. After all, you won’t want to miss a single beautiful day of riding. As nice as it would be to simply hop on the bike and get going, there are things that must be done to ensure it’s in road-worthy shape. As long as you’ve kept it in a secure motorcycle storage facility, it shouldn’t take long at all to have it gassed up and ready to go.

Check the Battery

After sitting in motorcycle storage for several months, odds are that your bike’s battery is either low on juice or completely drained. Either way, getting it ready is a snap. After pulling the battery from the motorcycle, check the cells. If any are low, add distilled water. Once all the cells are replenished, use a trickle charger to start safely charging the battery. If you’re chomping at the bit to get going, use a hydrometer so you can tell when the battery is all set.

Check the Fuel System

As long as you stored your bike with a full tank of gas and added fuel stabilizer before locking it up for the winter, you shouldn’t have to do much. If you stored it with a low tank, however, condensation may have developed. You will need to drain out the gas and replace it with fresh fuel. If you didn’t add stabilizer, certain components of the gasoline may have evaporated, leaving behind a thick sludge called varnish that may clog the carburetor. This can cause major issues, including making it difficult or impossible to start your bike, and even making it run sluggishly. To prevent this, unscrew and clean the jets. Next, drop the float bowls, siphon out the gas and clean the residue with carburetor cleaner.

Give it the Once-Over

Make sure the bike has a clean air filter. Check the brake fluid and top it off if necessary. Examine the chain to make sure it’s properly oiled. If not, oil it before taking it out for the first time. Finally, check the air pressure in the tires and add air if needed.

If you didn’t store your bike in a storage facility last winter, you should do so next time. It will be protected from the elements while allowing you to free up space in your garage or elsewhere on your property. Locating the perfect storage facility for your motorcycle is as simple as using our handy self storage database. Try it today so you’re properly prepared for next winter.

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