Get Garage Sale Ready with Self Storage

belongings for garage sale

In the aftermath of the holidays, your home is jam-packed with all kinds of new goodies. In fact, it’s probably starting to feel pretty claustrophobic. To make room for the new stuff, you’re going to want to clear away some of the old. A garage sale is among the best ways to do so, but winter is hardly the time to throw one. Until spring is here again, why not store your old stuff in a nearby self storage unit? You’ll be able to free up some much-needed space in your home, and you can use the storage unit as a staging area for your impending sale.

Free Up Space in Your Home

As fun as it is to get new stuff over the holidays, figuring out where to put it all is a tall order. Go through your home to identify the items you and your family no longer need or use. Sort them into the following categories: stuff to be donated, stuff to be thrown away and stuff to be sold. Donate and throw away the applicable items, and then round up the rest and take it to a nearby storage unit. Before you know it, your home will be uncluttered, and you’ll have plenty of space for your new things.

Prepare for Your Garage Sale

Once you’ve moved your unneeded stuff to the self storage unit, you can start planning the details of your springtime garage sale. Start by doing an inventory of what’s there. Next, figure out how much you’ll charge for everything. Put price tags or stickers on your items now to avoid dealing with it later. Periodically stop by the unit to do a little dusting and to make sure everything is in order. A few days before your sale, stop by to pick up your things. You’ll unburden yourself of most of them before you know it and make a little cash to boot!

Use to find a convenient storage facility near you and free up space in your home today!

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