Furniture Storage Basics

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When moving furniture into a storage unit, there are several basics that hold true for all furniture and can make your life easier in the long run. Firstly, when choosing a storage unit for furniture, it may be beneficial to choose a drive up unit or unit on the ground floor to ease the transition. Most furniture also benefits from being stored in climate control – and it’s a requirement for certain pieces of furniture. Disassembling furniture before moving will make it easier to transport most pieces. When disassembling furniture, make sure to store the screws in labeled bags and attach them to their corresponding pieces. Some pieces can’t be taken apart and will have to be moved whole. (If you’re storing furniture in one piece, keep it stored upright in its designed position). Raise furniture off the floor to add ventilation and reduce the chances of mold or mildew.

The Specifics

While all furniture deserves the same basic level of care before storage, it’s important to understand furniture storage specifics before moving your items into a storage unit. You’d hate to return for your belongings only to find your dresser warped or your couch growing mold. Follow these procedures when storing furniture:

Wooden Furniture

Treat wooden furniture with linseed oil or furniture polish before storage to make sure it stays moisturized, and reduce the chances of mold forming. Cover furniture during transport to prevent scratches.

  • Table. Take tables apart or store them upside down on padded surfaces. If this isn’t possible, protect the top with a quilt. Use painter’s tape to reinforce glass tables.
  • Desk. To prevent warping, put wooden desks in a unit with climate control. Avoid storing heavy objects on top of them, and consider using fabric covers for extra protection.
  • Dresser. Stand dressers upright and place fabric covers on them. You can remove and stack the drawers with towels or blankets between them. Bonus: You can use the drawers to store smaller objects.

Fabric Furniture

Wipe down fabric sofas, chairs and mattresses with a fabric-safe antibacterial cleaner. Allow the cleaner to dry before storing your furniture to make sure there isn’t a chance for mold to grow.

  • Couch. Always store a couch on its feet. If you stand a sofa on one end, it may overburden certain components. A climate controlled unit proves best for this type of furniture storage.
  • Leather. Polish and wax leather items before storage to repel moisture and keep them in good condition. Remember not to store other items on leather surfaces.
  • Mattress. It’s best to clean both sides of a mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Next, put it inside a thick plastic mattress bag. Climate control protects mattresses from mold.

When storing furniture, it’s crucial to take the appropriate steps to ensure that it remains in excellent condition. Insurance can provide additional protection when unforeseen events harm items in your furniture storage locker. Use to find a facility that meets all your furniture storage needs.






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