Four Reasons Why You Need More Space This Fall

kids with backpacks

More books, more supplies plus more clothes equals the need for more space. Stop trying to cram storage boxes and bags into every nook and cranny of your home. Consider renting a storage unit when you find yourself up against any of the following four scenarios this fall.

1. Too Many Clothes: Save yourself the hassle of buying clothes for your youngest children next year by hanging onto clothes that no longer fit your oldest. Pack shoes, clothes and accessories in plastic, zippered bags and head to a self storage unit. Throw in a cedar block to keep the items smelling fresh.

2. The New Study Area: Some parents recently purchased desks for older students, who need a quiet place to study. Making space for new furniture in a child’s room usually poses a problem. Consider storing plush animals, old sports equipment and treasured toys in plastic storage tubs down at the nearest self storage facility.

3. Summer Toys: Drain the pool, load the boat, fold up the Slip ‘N Slide and fill the storage facility before school is back in session. Don’t forget the extra patio chairs, camping supplies and the tiki torches. Do it now, or these summer items are likely to clutter up your fall landscaping.

4. The New Hobby Room: Have you just smiled because you realized that this is the first time in decades that you don’t have a child headed back to school? If so, it is time to clear out that old bedroom and create a hobby room, man cave, guest bedroom or workout room that any empty nest parent would be proud to own. The plastic trinkets and tattered posters will be just fine in the local self storage unit until your son or daughter returns for them.

This back-to-school season creates plenty of opportunities and reasons to invest in a self storage unit. Whether your home is being overrun with school supplies, potential hand-me-downs or summer seasonal toys, self storage can be the solution for you.

Use to find a storage unit near you and get the school year started clutter free!

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