Feng Shui for Real Life: Living Room

living room feng shui

Though it has been lumped in with a thousand New Age principles of dubious origin, the ancient art of feng shui has been around for nearly 4,000 years. Comprising a system of beliefs concerning energy balance, feng shui is used to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere offices, homes, and even some retail stores. If you’re wondering how to start balancing the energy in your surroundings, the best place to start may be your living room.

Clearing the Clutter
One of the best ways to start with feng shui is to get rid of the clutter. Unless you are already living sparsely, there are probably things in your living room that could be relegated to self storage. By removing unnecessary furniture and technology, you can begin to make way for a sound organizational strategy. You don’t have to throw out your good coffee table or your entertainment center. If they don’t fit into your new, clutter-free living room, there are storage units available to hold them until they find a place.
Incorporating the Elements
At the heart of feng shui are five essential elements: wood, earth, metal, fire, and water. You can represent these elements in your living room through the use of color. Green and brown, for instance, represent wood. An important aspect of developing a feng shui space involves using these colors to their best effect. If you have items that don’t fit, you can always use ¬†self storage to take them out of the equation.Following Your Bagua
A bagua is an energy map. With a compass and a floor plan, you can determine which of the eight bagua areas your living room fits into. From there, you will have a clear idea of which colors and decorations will best bring out the energy in your home. If your living room fits the West bagua description, for instance, you will want to emphasize the element of metal with a white and gray color scheme. Use those storage units to store the items that don’t fit into the scheme, and have fun working with natural energy to create a warm, inviting living room.
Creating proper feng shui in your living room may take some effort and experimentation, but finding a convenient storage unit shouldn’t! Just use FindLocalStorage to locate a reputable storage facility in your area.

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