Feng Shui for Real Life: Kitchen

kitchen feng shui

Feng Shui for Real Life: Kitchen

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating balance and harmony. If you want to prepare the healthiest food possible in a relaxed environment, paying attention to your kitchen’s feng shui is especially important. To improve the energy, or chi, in your kitchen, follow these simple rules of feng shui:
1. Focus on earth elements
Earth energy has a grounding effect that’s excellent for cooking. Increase the earth energy in your kitchen by decorating with yellows and earth tones, replacing glass vessels with pottery, and avoiding the colors blue and black, which increase disruptive water energy.

2. Clear off the refrigerator door
Refrigerator doors are clutter magnets, but you don’t need to toss out all the postcards, photos, and artwork that adorn your fridge to create a more tranquil cooking space. Instead, store your favorite items in a storage unit  where they’ll be safe from the wear and tear of the kitchen.

3. Pay attention to stove and sink placement
Stoves have fire energy, and sinks have water energy. Placing them next to each other causes conflict, so try to place the stove and the sink as far apart as possible.

4. Get in touch with nature
Flowers and plants increase the positive chi in any room, so replace the gadgets on your countertops with pots of herbs and bright blooms. Appliances and kitchen items that aren’t used often are better off in a storage unit than cluttering up your counter space.

5. Keep faucets stationary
All faucets in your kitchen should be fixed in one position. Adjustable faucets can be accidentally angled toward the stove, which disrupts fire energy.

Feng shui has helped many people create balance in their lives. If you crave order in your kitchen, give feng shui a try and enjoy your new serene, clutter-free environment. Find a storage unit for any extra appliances at FindLocalStorage.com.

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