Create Your Own Haunted House

Halloween decorations

The ghosts and goblins take over on Halloween night, and you can provide some screams and shivers by creating your own haunted house. Gather your family and friends to help transform a garage, living room or outside area into a frightful experience the whole neighborhood will enjoy.

You can put together a scary haunted house on a very limited budget, and planning, patience and creativity are the only special skills required. Make an unforgettable Halloween impression by following these simple steps to create your own terrifying haunted house:

  • Sketch out a plan that includes a diagram of the available space. Make a list of the attractions and decide where they will be placed. Clearly mark the entrance and exit, and create an obvious pathway for people to follow. Portable room dividers or large sheets of cardboard can help separate the various areas of the room.
  • Make a recording of screams and other scary sounds. Find different family members with high pitched and deep voices, and encourage them to shriek, scream and laugh malevolently. Make sure the soundtrack is playing whenever someone is inside the haunted house.
  • Create a terrifying ambiance by replacing ordinary light bulbs with eerie colored bulbs such as orange and blood red. Depending on the age of your visitors, you may choose to keep some areas in total darkness.
  • Cover windows with black trash bags. You can also cut out a silhouette of a witch or monster from black construction paper and attach it to the window.
  • Cut gravestones out of foam board and print eerie epitaphs on the material in shaky cursive writing.
  • Full-size skeletons and hanging spiders can be purchased inexpensively from discount stores and Halloween shops. Place them directly in the visitor’s path so the flexible appendages brush their skin as they pass.
  • Set up a portable table and offer a delightful spread that includes a Jell-O brain mold, peeled “eyeball” grapes and jars filled with cooked spaghetti “intestines” with tomato sauce serving as the blood.

Whether you are clearing a space for your haunted house or taking the decorations down, self storage facilities provide an easy and convenient way to store your furniture and Halloween decorations. A self storage unit can help you gain valuable floor space while housing your belongings in a safe and secure environment.

Find a storage facility near your with, and start getting your house Halloween ready! 

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