Harvard Decreases Student Storage

Harvard decreases student storage

Renovations at Harvard University have students worried about how they’ll keep their personal belongings safe and close to them while they attend classes. A lack of storage will make it more difficult for students to transport their belongings to the campus when the semester starts in August, but renting a private self storage unit has the potential to alleviate these worries for an affordable price.

Harvard Storage Problems
Harvard’s Quincy Hall is the first dorm to take away the summer student storage that was once a desirable feature for students. The basement of the building was used as storage for students who would be returning after the summer each year, but an increase in common areas in the dorm has eliminated this storage option.

Future renovations threaten to take away summer storage for students residing in other dormitories. Leverett House, for example, will discontinue summer storage in 2015. University officials feel that the move makes sense because they are providing students with furniture in common areas, but many students will miss having the option to leave their dorm accessories close to their rooms when they’re back home for the summer. But, while Harvard students feel they are being shorted, many universities have already moved in this direction. College storage is an amenity that has almost disappeared in dorms.

Finding a Self Storage Solution
Students at Harvard and universities across the country can make the transition from school to dorm and back easier each year by utilizing storage units. Storage facilities make it possible for students to leave everything they need for school close to campus for easy access when the semester begins in August. There’s no need to constantly rent moving trucks to haul personal belongings to and from the campus when storage units are used. For college self storage in Massachusetts or any other city or state, try FLS’s self storage locator.

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