Celebrate Grandparent’s Day September 13th

child with grandpa

One of the best holidays of the year, Grandparent’s Day, is coming up soon. At Find Local Storage, we love this day because it’s a great excuse to plan a fun-filled time with the people who have made the most impact in our lives. For those lucky enough to grow up with a doting grandparent, take this time to thank them for everything they’ve done for you over the years – big and small.

More than that, though, do something for them. Most of our grandparents just want more time; time with loved ones to have fun, make memories, and feel like a kid again. On September 13th, you can give that to them. Here are some idea for what you and your grandparents can do on this special day!

Help Them Clean

For a lot of seniors, living at home is a must. But it also comes with a steep price, which is taking care of everything on your own. Gather the family and do a deep clean and de-clutter of their home. Not only will this brighten up their environment, but it gives you the chance to go through their old belongings and hear some great stories.

Retiree storage units are very helpful for clearing out the clutter that gets built up over the years. That way you don’t have to go through the heartbreak of getting rid of anything, and it stays safe for whenever Grandma or Grandpa need it again.

Go Outside

Many retirees are on a tight budget, and this can often result in the inability to afford many activities out of the home. Dress them up and take them out on the town for the night. Wine and dine them; the more upscale, the better. Hit the local Broadway show after dinner for entertainment they love. They’ll feel like a million bucks when the night is through.

For grandparents less interested in things that sparkle, walking trails, window shopping, and even a local theme park are all options. It will get them breathing the fresh air, get them in motion, and give you guys plenty of time to catch up.

Bring the Fun to Them

Sometimes it’s tough for our grandparents to get around. They don’t have to miss out on a thing when you bring the party to them. Plan an outdoor barbeque, even if it’s in a local park, and gather the whole family. Croquet, horseshoes and other backyard games will keep the festivities lively without overtaxing anyone.

For a more scaled-down approach, consider what your grandparent’s hobbies are. Do they like woodwork, knitting, crafting or working with mechanical parts? Bring the kids and a few of their favorite activities to their house. It will give the kids bonding time with them, and give your grandparents a chance to teach new skills. It also shows your grandparents that you want to engage with them, be involved in their lives. We call that a win-win.

Why Is It Important to do This?

Did you know that around a quarter of senior citizens experience depression? And that having a strong social network does helps immensely with keeping it at bay?

The truth is, your grandparents are the last of a generation who has experienced life in a way we never will. They have so many stories to tell, lessons to give, and knowledge to share. Not to mention, physical activity helps with the pain of growing older – and you can be the encouraging voice to keep them moving! Life is so short; don’t waste it on “planning” to visit them again. Just do it!

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