Celebrate Go Fishing Day

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If you’ve become hooked on the sport of fishing, then you may own a large collection of angling equipment , especially if you enjoy both the freshwater and saltwater versions of the sport. Fishing equipment manufacturers design rods, reels and bait for both freshwater and saltwater angling expeditions. When you have a large amount of fishing equipment in your possession, it may require extra storage. Fortunately, self storage facilities are conveniently located and easy to use.

Boat StorageIn addition to storage units, most facilities offer parking spaces in a variety of sizes. In fact, if you own a boat, then you can rent a boat storage parking slot from many storage facilities. You can lease a slot for a large or small boat.

Once you decide to store your fishing equipment in a self storage unit, consider organizing your gear in a way that will increase its longevity. Fishing reels can be costly, and they require specialized care. To avoid neglecting them, be sure to rinse your reels after every fishing excursion. Also, you can leave braided line on your reels during the winter, but if you prefer to fish with monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line, then you should remove it from the reel and store it on an item that has a larger diameter than your reel.

When you’re storing tackle, organize your soft plastic items with rubber skirts to extend their life. Be sure to rinse off your hard bait items with freshwater if they are covered in debris or if you’ve used them in saltwater. You should seal plastic and skirted bait tightly to prevent air from entering their storage container. These items should also be stored out of direct sunlight.

Go Fishing Day 

By taking advantage of these fishing equipment self storage tips, you’ll be ready for Go Fishing Day on June 18th. Self storage facilities offer you flexible storage options. They also provide you with the extra space that you need for your fishing equipment collection. Find a storage unit for your fishing gear on FindLocalStorage.com.

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