Celebrate Get Organized Week

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Most people are aware of the concept of spring cleaning, but did you know that fall is also a great time to get organized? In fact, the first full week of October is Get Organized Week! This is the perfect time to eliminate clutter and organize your belongings to achieve a tidier, more enjoyable living environment. Getting this done is easier than you probably think, and the results make it more than worth it!

Sort Your Belongings

The first step to organizing your home in honor of Get Organized Week is to sort your belongings into categories. More broadly, you can designate the things you’d like to keep and the things you’re willing to let go. Like many people, you may struggle with this part. Letting go of things can be hard! A good rule of thumb is to consider the last time you actually used a particular item. If it’s been gathering dust since last fall, you can probably let it go.

Eliminate Clutter

By removing unwanted items from the home, you can free up additional space for storing the things you actually need and use. Some items can be sold; others can be donated. However, you’ll probably also have things that you don’t necessarily need on hand, but that you’d rather not part with entirely. For those items, a storage unit is a terrific solution.

Store Things to Free Up Space

Renting a local storage unit is a great way to free up space without getting rid of things you’ll still want access to from time to time. As you place items in your storage unit, do so in a logical manner. Place the things you’ll need the most frequently near the front for easy access.

By the time Get Organized Week is over, your home should look and feel roomier and more comfortable than ever, and you’ll be glad you took the time to participate! Use FindLocalStorage.com to find a storage facility near you that fits your organization needs!

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