Why You CANT Live In a Storage Unit


Storage units are cozy, sheltered and relatively inexpensive, so you may have thought to yourself on occasion, ‘could one live in a storage unit’? The answer is no, for a number of reasons. Self storage units are designed to keep your possessions safe and dry. They are not intended for residential use. However, from time to time, you’ll come across a newspaper story or an online post about people in dire straits who are ignoring the rules and moving into their storage rentals.

Due to building codes and sanitary standards, it is illegal for storage facilities to rent out units as homes, however temporary. Most units are not equipped with electricity. Most are lightly insulated. They have no plumbing or cooking facilities. However, many storage centers do have well-lit grounds and security cameras that make it difficult to conceal that you are in residence there.

Chances are good that the rental agreement for your storage unit states clearly that living within is strictly forbidden. In addition to being illegal and contrary to company policy, live-ins present serious insurance liability issues for self storage facility owners. The presence of non-sanctioned residents drives law-abiding customers away as well.

Nevertheless, some people who believe they have no other choice are moving in, often bringing their children and their pets too. In reality, other options are far preferable to this drastic step. Organizations such as Volunteers of America offer national resource guides to help homeless individuals find housing. The National Coalition for the Homeless supplies common sense advice for finding emergency assistance. In your local area, warming shelters, free food and overnight accommodations are often available to those in need.

As for those self storage dwellers featured in news stories, some of them face legal repercussions, and some of the children end up in foster care. It is much better for the homeless to seek legal and livable housing, and leave storage units for the boxes, luggage, appliances, furniture and other household items that belong there.

So remember, self storage is for things, not people! To find a storage unit where your belongings can happily live, use FindLocalStorage.com.

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