How Can Self Storage Help You?

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Self storage facilities have a variety of storage units available. Whether you need a small space or a large space, climate control or a drive-up unit, there is a storage unit to fit every need. Everyone can benefit from some extra space! Here are five instances when self storage comes especially in handy.

Store Your Extra Belongings

Over time, people often discover that their once spacious homes feel cramped and look cluttered as their lifestyles and interests change. Self storage is the ideal home for items that are rarely used, but we can’t bear to part with. Whether you’re storing craft and hobby supplies or a valuable collection, self storage provides convenience and security for your belongings. You can easily access and exchange the items when you need them.

Vehicle Storage

While a motorcycle, boat or RV may be a fun purchase, it’s not always fun trying to find space for them – and if you don’t have a garage it can be even harder. A storage facility is the ideal location for safely storing a boat or an extra vehicle that you cannot park at your residence. Don’t let the family RV take up space in your driveway! Many storage facilities have parking spots available that are perfect for RVs.

Moving Storage

Self storage allows you to store your belongings securely when you are between residences. Storing your belongings in a storage unit will help you streamline your moving process as well. You can unpack as needed without being overwhelmed by boxes. These secure units also provide the space that you need to de-clutter your home after downsizing your apartment.

Seasonal Storage

A storage unit can be used to store seasonal clothing and lawn equipment, as well as seasonal holiday decorations. Recreational equipment, such as bicycles, snowboards and kayaks can be stored during their off-season rather than cluttering up the garage or the basement. You can store winter belongings and clothes during the summer, and summer gear during the winter! It’ll make a noticeable difference in your home storage space.

Short Term Storage

Military personnel and college students will find that a storage facility is a great short-term solution. Instead of leaving your belongings in an apartment while you are away for extended training or on summer break, you can store your personal belongings. A secure unit prevents unauthorized access and eliminates the need to sell and repurchase items, as well as the costs associated with maintaining an unused apartment.

With the variety of available sizes, you can lease an affordable unit that will surely meet your needs whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom house. Choose a climate controlled unit for items that require extra protection against the elements. With controlled access, security cameras and proper lighting, self storage facilities provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your personal belongings are safely and securely protected. Use to find a storage facility in your neighborhood and start reaping the benefits of self storage today!

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