Boomerang Fashion (Trends That Should Have Been Kept in Self Storage Instead of Tossed!)


Boomerang Fashion (Trends That Should Have Been Kept in Self Storage Instead of Tossed!)

It’s always a good idea to go through your closet and discard any items that are worn out, the wrong size, or the things that just don’t make you feel fabulous. You might toss perfectly good articles of clothing or shoes because they have gone out of vogue. But not so fast! Fashion is decidedly cyclical, and many trends go out of style only to come back into fashion a few years or decades later. You might want to keep those passé fashions in a FindLocal Storage self storage unit so you can be ready for their next revival. Need convincing? Here are 4 fashions that have made major comebacks:

1)      Bell Bottoms
Once the signature pant style of hippies in the late 60’s and 70’s, bell bottoms and their flared-style cousins have already cycled twice in popularity since their original debut, first in the mid-90’s, and now in current runway shows for spring 2014. That means wide leg jeans and trousers will be ubiquitous among the fashionable this spring and summer.

2)      Chunky Jewelry
Big chunky gold and silver bangles, necklaces and earrings were all the rage in the 80’s. Think ‘Like a Virgin’ Madonna. More delicate, subdued baubles have been the style of late, but big and bold is poised for a comeback this springs.

3)      Neon
Bright, neon colored apparel is another 80’s staple that is now lighting up the spring runway shows. Get ready to be rad in highlighter yellow, orange, green and pink.

4)      Lace
Queen Elizabeth I was one of the first fashion icons to rock this ladylike staple in the 16th Century. Lace has come in and out of fashion through the centuries ever since, most notably on 1920’s glamour girls and flappers. Long associated with royalty, modern day Princess Kate is a fan. The pretty, delicate material will look very current this coming season.

There you have it! Next time your trend du’ jour becomes ‘so five minutes ago’, don’t toss it, store it! Find a storage facility near you with FindLocalStorage.