“American Storage” Television Show

American Storage TV show

Self storage is an integral part of American life, so much so that it often permeates its way into pop culture. The 2006 short film “American Self Storage,” set in a fictional self storage facility, is such an example. It was recently announced that this film will be adapted into television series, scheduled to air next year. On March 20, 2014, IFC television confirmed that it had picked up “American Storage” as a half-hour comedy series for 2015.

The 2006 film version was a project by writer Brendan O’Brien and director Andrew J. Cohen; it starred Steve Carell, Maya Goldsmith, David Krumholtz and Martin Starr. In the movie, the manager of a storage facility puts a young, lonely employee in charge of the business. Before long, the employee discovers that someone is living in one of the units. Instead of kicking him out, the employee befriends the man and antics ensue.

Cohen and O’Brien teamed up again to present the series idea, and in September, 2013, IFC ordered a pilot. The successful pilot turned into an order for eight half-hour episodes for the 2015 season. The title will tentatively remain the same as will the premise; however, the cast has changed. John Karna will play Charlie, the buttoned-down employee, and Rob Huebel will play Kurt Jones, the free-style bachelor living in the self storage unit. The comedy promises mayhem as Kurt tries to show Charlie there’s more to life than work.

While the show’s premise may poke a little fun at self storage, the choice of setting shows how aware the American public is of storage facilities. Consider the vast popularity of reality shows like “Storage Wars” (and three additional series built on the same idea and set in different North American locations). The public is fascinated with self storage and what people choose to keep there. This new show aims to takes that captivation to a comical and allegorical level.  The fact that the relationship and responsibility-phobic Kurt lives in a storage unit seems to suggest that he sees it as a safe, reliable place to keep not only his possessions, but also himself. Who knew there could be such symbolism in storage?

While you can’t live in a storage unit in real life, self storage is useful in all sorts of other ways. It’s a place to clear out clutter at home while keeping necessary belongings; a holding place during the transition of moving; the ideal space for storing hobby supplies; and a place to keep valuables and treasured items safe in a guarded location. The possibilities for self storage are almost unlimited. So keep an eye out for this new show; “American Storage” and see all the entertainment storage has to offer.