6 Incredibly Odd Collections

Condiment packets

Do you ever wonder what other people are keeping in their self storage units? While most people use storage for mundane items such as paperwork, furniture and appliances, some people keep interesting and bizarre collections. Here are some of the most random, strange and quirky collections.

1. Condiment Packets
Chris Harne of Kennet Square, PA started his unusual collection in 2003 out of plain old fashioned cheapness. He reasoned that he didn’t want to spend his own money on bottled ketchup, so he began stockpiling the packets from fast food restaurants. It soon evolved into a hobby as he started accumulating a variety of different packets from mayonnaise to bbq sauce. He removes the contents of the packets and preserves them in baseball card cases.

2. Coca Cola Cans
One anonymous collector has ensured he will never be thirsty. He has amassed over 8000 different Coca-Cola cans since the 1980s. The cans include different flavors, languages and special editions.

Coke Cans

3. Airline Barf Bags
Bob Groves’ collection might just make you nauseous. His collection of over 1,800 airplane sick bags is the largest in the world. Many of them are framed, which could explore philosophical questions about the amorphous definition of ‘art’. This collection might be considered avante garde or just plain icky.

4. Belly Button Lint
Actually, the ick award goes to Graham Barker and his jars of navel junk, which he has inexplicably been collecting since 1984.

5. Soap
For a decidedly more pleasant collection, consider carol Vaughn’s assortment of bar soaps. She started hording soaps from around the world in 1991 and has more than 5,000 bars. You’d think she would be the cleanest person on earth, but she insists that she would ‘never consider’ using any from her collection.

soap collection

6. Passive Aggressive Figurines
We’ve all heard of the mother who nags her adult children for grandkids. Judy Morrissette took it a step further by collecting over 500 ‘Snowbaby’ figurines as surrogate grandkids. Snowbabies are tiny figurines that look like infants in snowsuits.  It turns out her ploy worked, she now has 10 real, human grandkids.

Whatever you’re into, self storage is a great way to indulge your collecting hobby. Consider a self storage unit rental now at FindLocalStorage.com!

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