Ten Things From the Dopest Decade You Can Store

The 90's

That’s So 90s: 10 Things From the Dopest Decade You Can Store

If your home is starting to look like an antique store, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. However, parting ways with things you don’t use anymore doesn’t require letting go of the past forever: here are ten items that can be placed in storage until they become cool again.

1.Your Leather Bootcut Pants: Unless you’re going to be Batman or Catwoman for Halloween, there is no reason for leather pants to still be in your closet. Even if that’s your plan, they go can in clothing storage until October 31.

2. Your Boombox: Put this and all of your cassette tapes and compact discs in electronic storage until you decide to throw a 90’s theme party.

3. Your Typewriter: Though not something you need on the regular, typewriters are becoming a novelty that may be worth keeping for nostalgia’s sake.

4. Your Beanie Babies: The craze was great while it lasted, but it’s time to put Princess and her friends in antique storage. Your grandchildren will be thrilled to have them when they make a comeback in 2040.

5. Your Goosebumps/Animorphs/Baby-sitters Club Books: Almost every 80s and 90s baby owns a complete collection of one of these series. Treat them with the respect that they deserve and preserve them i an airtight container.

6. Your VCR: Of course, you’re going to want to hang on to your VCR so you can watch the three VHS tapes you still own, but it doesn’t need to be hooked up all the time.

7. Your Rotary Phone: It probably isn’t functional anymore, but you might want to keep it in case your yet-to-be-born screenwriter grandchild wants to direct a period film about the late 20th century.

8. Your Nintendo 64: If you haven’t played it in a decade then it’s just decoration, and you should really find some better décor.

9. Your Polaroid Camera: These are one of the few devices that can still do something that smart phones cannot, so keep it as a reminder of when storing a photograph didn’t involve Facebook or Instagram.

10. Your BB Gun: Who ever thought these were a good idea? If you can’t say goodbye to your first weapon, at least put it in storage so your kids don’t play with it.

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