New Technology Makes Self Storage More Efficient

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Most people hang on to much more ‘stuff’ than they actually need. Some of us do it because many of our possessions hold sentimental value. Others cling on to the clutter because they’re simply too lazy to get rid of it all. Wasting valuable space in the home or office can reduce productivity, make the place look disheveled and unwelcoming, and even contribute to health issues. It’s quite clear that a good chunk of the population can benefit from affordable self storage, but how do you, as a storage operator, get more people to start renting?

Lead Tracking Can Make All the Difference

A large proportion of a self storage company’s budget goes to marketing, because that’s how you bring in the customers. In the competitive world of self storage solutions, exposure is everything. You need to stand out and make yourself known if you are to make any profit. Websites, magazine ads, television commercials–they all cost money, but you don’t want to waste yours on advertising campaigns that are largely ineffective.

With lead tracking technology, you’ll have the power to assess the usefulness of each of your ad campaigns so that you can allocate funds more appropriately. Here’s how it works: First, you assign a separate telephone number to each advertising medium. When the calls start rolling in, the lead tracking system will record the number being dialed and how many times it was called. Many systems also record each individual conversation between representative and customer. With all of this information, you’ll gain great insight into which advertising methods are most effective so that you can focus your efforts on those.

Self Storage Technology Helps Customers Too

Integrating these useful technologies into an industry that isn’t particularly high-tech allows self storage company owners to run a much more efficient business. With more customers renting out storage units than ever before, owners will see a nice boost in profits. Steady profits give owners the option to offer rentals at a discounted rate to attract even more customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Learn more about listing and lead tracking with

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