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Superior Storage Solutions at Next Door Self Storage!

We’re proud to highlight our partner and member facility, Next Door Self Storage!  A family owned business, Next Door Self Storage is the first choice in residential and commercial

Phil and Algonquin Village Pres. John Schmitt

storage for folks in Illinois.  Phil Murphy is President of Next Door and he is also the President of the Illinois Self Storage Association.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Phil is also a technologist. He owns CallPotential, a lead management software company that has proven itself to be valuable to the industry, providing tools that lead to faster rentals, better analytics and higher revenues.

Phil has been praised by local decision-makers for his sustainable construction methods, in addition to encouraging growth and investment in communities across the state of Illinois.

The Murphy’s started out with the successful rehab of one storage facility and their storage business has grown to include 13 great locations in Illinois.

Superior Storage Solutions

Next Door provides an all-inclusive storage experience that is safe and secure.  We love how they put their renters first and have a very strong focus on customer service!  Each of the 13 locations has a large selection of unit sizes available to fit any public self-storage need, from a few boxes to large vehicles and warehouse-sized spaces. They have drive-up and climate controlled options and extended 24-hour access hours.  Together with a full range of amenities, theirs is an impressive full storage experience.

Algonquin Facility

If you live in Illinois and would like to do business with a storage company that offers a robust range of amenities and amazing customer service, visit the Next Door Storage website for info on available units and pricing. In addition, you can find them right here at Find Local Storage – just input your Illinois zip code in the search bar to find a great facility near you!

What’s the best Packing Tape?

Often times we believe we’re putting something in storage temporarily when it could wind up being stored for a long period of time.  To be on the safe side, be sure to seal the boxes well.  You want your stuff to be safe from the elements and bugs, don’t you?  Ever wondered what’s the best tape for sealing boxes?

Packing Tape

Standard packing or shipping tape is usually thin and either clear or brown, waterproof and sticky. We like this one because it fits well on those packing tape dispensers.  You can even buy it already on the dispenser, which usually has a built in cutting edge for fast cutting.  It’s cheap and easy to use.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is usually grey, waterproof and really sticky.  We prefer this one for long term sealing of boxes, because it doesn’t seem to be weakened as much by humidity.  The stickiness of the tape will increase the probability that it will stay put for a long time.  However, it tends to be more expensive than packing tape.  The most efficient way of using it is probably to tear it, rather than cutting it.  But it’s likely to provide the best long term protection on boxes.  [Note that if you plan to reuse your boxes, the duct tape will probably damage them a bit when you try to remove it.]  Because it is STICKY!

Masking Tape

Masking tape is generally beige, has a paper-like quality and is less sticky.  You can buy wider masking tape to seal boxes and fully cover the seams, but it isn’t typically sticky enough to seal well.  The best use of masking tape may be to label the boxes.  That way you can remove the tape and reuse the boxes without having them be permanently marked up to say ‘Jake’s sock drawer’.

Filament Tape

Filament tape is usually clear tape reinforced with plastic ‘threads’.  This tape is definitely sturdy, but it isn’t as wide as we’d like in a packing tape.  And it definitely doesn’t tear well for quick sealing of boxes.  If you use it, you’ll need to keep the scissors nearby. This tape might be best to reinforce your taped up boxes that need extra protection.

Packing up things to put in storage is one of those times it pays to be thorough – your future self will thank you for the effort!

2018 Resolution to get Organized – Let’s do this!

It’s a brand new year and a chance to start fresh for 2018.  It has been said that having a neat and well organized home can improve our mood and outlook because what we see every day has an impact on us psychologically.  Could staring at that clutter every day be keeping you in a place where you’re not motivated to accomplish your  goals?  Wanna make a pact?  Let’s get organized!

A New Year is a Great Time for Change

For some reason we can wrap our minds around change easier when it occurs at a special time or place.  These ‘bookends’ can stretch and motivate us to make the most of things.  This may be why New Years is famous for spurring on positive change!  Getting more organized is an area where most people can improve and January is a great time to do it.  There are holiday decorations to put away and with cold weather, there’s more time indoors to spend on organizing and tackling that clutter.  You can do this!

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Like most anything, the hardest part in getting organized can be getting started.  If it helps, think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint.  Get the whole family involved and set goals like completing a room each week or every two weeks.   Get supplies like boxes, tape, and labels and do it right.  Box up things you want to keep but don’t use often. Inventory your boxes and label them nicely.  You can make a pile of items you’d like to sell and make another pile for recycling.  Many people get storage for seasonal items and things they don’t have space for at home – search to find a facility near you.

Getting more organized is a positive step that can spill over into other areas of our lives.  We hope 2018 is an amazing year that sees you accomplishing all of your goals!

$10 Rebate on Self Storage Units with Online Reservations

We love our users and are proud to offer a $10 rebate on any self storage unit reserved online via!  The process is easy:

  1. Find a self storage facility
  2. Reserve a unit online via
  3. Complete the rental process on the unit with the local facility
  4. Complete this rebate form and mail it to us at P.O. Box 5485, Bellingham, WA 98227
  5. Receive your rebate via mail in 6-8 weeks


Terms and conditions: offers a $10 move-in rebate for users of our platform, when they reserve a unit on and subsequently move into the reserved unit. To be eligible, participants must move into the facility that they reserved on in accordance with the move-in date specified on their confirmed reservation.

To be eligible for rebate, participants must submit a rebate claim form and any required proof of eligibility. All move-in rebate claim submissions must be made within 30 days of moving into the unit booked on

At the time of claim submission, participants will be required to provide a digital copy of their state issued photo ID, their reservation confirmation #, and a digital copy of their lease proving that they moved into the facility. will distributerebates in approximately 6-8 weeks. Limit One (1) move-in rebate per participant, per email address, and/or confirmed unit rental per year.

This rebate may not be combined with the college student or military rebates offered by Find Local Storage.

Affiliate Marketing – It Pays to Promote FLS

We’re excited to announce our partnership with ShareASale for administration of our new Affiliate Marketing Program!  Website owners that would like to promote the Find Local Storage platform may now do so in exchange for a commission on completed online reservations.  This move capitalizes on traffic to related industry sites and is just one more way we are working to support our membership.Online Reservation

Any website owner interested in becoming an affiliate for is invited to use our merchant link to register with ShareASale and review our program offering:

Affiliate Signup with ShareASale

SBOA Hosted Webinar for Find Local Storage: Building an Online Presence

We’re proud to share our webinar on Building an Online Presence hosted by the Storage Business Owner’s Alliance (SBOA)!

Getting found and doing business online is becoming a necessity for self storage businesses of all sizes. For those who may not have the funds to purchase these services or the staff to devote to building an online presence, this goal may seem unattainable.

Presented in easy-to-understand terminology and geared towards self storage businesses with limited resources, this webinar provides direction to establishing a digital reputation.

You can view the free webinar here or download the pdf! FLS Webinar_Aug2017

Member Spotlight: Safeguard Self Storage

This month, we’re proud to highlight our outstanding member, Safeguard Self Storage!

The first Safeguard location opened in 1989 and although the company has expanded since then and grown to become a highly successful corporation, it has managed to stay true to its founding principles.  Just one visit to a Safeguard Self Storage facility is enough to leave a lasting impression – quality, innovation, and great customer service come to mind.

The culture at Safeguard has an entrepreneurial spirit, and the staff members are highly trained and motivated.  With a modern urban feel, Safeguard Self Storage facilities are state-of-the-art, with all of the convenience features and security amenities customers need.  Safeguard facilities add value by making the task of storing items as easy as possible which generates satisfied customers.

We love how Safeguard takes its corporate citizenship seriously and strives to make sure each of its locations contributes to the community.  In 2014, the company began a major initiative to convert its facilities throughout New York and New Jersey to solar power.  Today, the company continues to combine sustainable business practices with opportunities to conduct good business for its customers, communities, and investors.

With over 70 locations in cities throughout Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, there is sure to be a Safeguard location nearby.  Visit their website at today!

Member Spotlight: Hide-Away Storage

Periodically we want to highlight some of our great member facilities and for our first entry, we’re happy to present Hide-Away Storage!  Hide-Away has been providing excellent service to their customers for over 40 years.  Steve and Maureen Wilson founded the company in 1977 and are recognized as pioneers in the industry.  With a philosophy rooted in Christian values, their core principals have played a key role in their success and produced many happy customers.

 SERVING customers with EXCELLENCE,


BUILDING team members with CARE, and

ADDING value to our COMMUNITY.

In 2010, Managing Partner Steve Wilson was recognized for his leadership in the industry through induction into the Self Storage Hall of Fame by the Self Storage Association.  And his leadership doesn’t stop there, as he has provided an equal measure of leadership in the community.  Community is important in the storage business because our customers are our neighbors. Steve has served as an elder and leader of his church and led efforts to protect the homeless in his Southwestern Florida community. He also served as president of the Manatee Homeless Coalition, a community organization dedicated to helping the homeless and vulnerable to becoming homeless.

Hide-Away proudly operates 20 facilities along the Western Florida Coast, offering 24-access to its drive up and air-conditioned units, with the following features that their customers love:

  • No Rent Raise For A Year Guaranteed!
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Administrative Fees / No Deposit
  • No Elevators – Every Unit is on the First Floor
  • No Termination Notice Required
  • Daily Rates / Prorated “On The Spot” Refunds
  • FREE Monthly Pest Control
  • Monitored Alarm Systems & 24-Hour Video Surveillance

Any Floridian wanting to do business with a storage company that cares about its customers, should visit Hide-Away Storage’s website for info on their numerous amenities and unit availability. In addition, you can find them right here at Find Local Storage – just input your southwestern Florida zip code in the search bar to find a great facility near you!

Steve and Maureen Wilson

Self Storage is an American Institution!

Self storage is as American as baseball and apple pie! The industry began here in the U.S. and today, approximately 80% of storage facilities worldwide are located in the United States. What does this mean for the consumer in need of storage space?  It means that here in the U.S. there are lots of choices! That’s where comes in. We’re here to help consumers search nearby facilities to find the best deal on the perfect unit.

Need Boat or RV parking? How about a climate controlled or drive up unit? Many facilities offer moving truck rental and/or the sale of packing supplies. Some have business offices and even accept packages. is the place to search for all the right storage features at the best price.

Local storage facilities provide valuable services to their communities and most of them have been safeguarding our valuables and special things for decades.  Stay tuned as we begin to highlight our favorites here on the blog!


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